How it Works

Each Captain Letter is comprised of 2 pieces that separate. The external piece is the Letter and the internal piece is the Backing. The Captain Letter and Backing are held together by SNAPS, to separate them, just pull gently from a corner. "The Captain" contrasts and matches your jersey colors.

To attach them to a player's jersey, choose the appropriate color and separate the pieces. Hold the Backing flat in one hand and position under the player's jersey away from any logo or imprinted item. Then line the Captain Letter up with the Backing on the outside of the jersey and simply press each snap of the Captain Letter into the receiving snap of the Backing, that's it! The letter, captain jersey, and player are now ready to go. The letter will stay in place throughout the game even through heavy body contact!.


Use "The Captain" letters as a tool to elicit specific behaviors that you want to see from your players. Use it to develop healthy leadership skills, both on and off the ice, a stronger work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork and good sportsmanship. You can use "The Captain" to encourage listening, creativity and originality, vocalization of constructive input, on and off ice help, and the enthusiastic encouragement of fellow teammates. You can use "The Captain" letters to set performance goals. You can set "terms" for your Captains and Assistants, allowing all other players to compete with your current leaders for those top spots, making each player earn their role, all based on what you decide to set as achievements.


Set aside a couple minutes before game time to award the Letters (Captain and Assistant). Call the player who is to receive the Captain Letter and as you attach it, tell them why they are receiving the award. This reinforces persistent desired behaviors to the player and their teammates. The player is immediately empowered and gets a psychological boost. Their teammates are inspired to work on behaviors that will compete for who will become "The Captain".